Cell Site Capital LLC is a community-focused wireless boutique consulting firm specializing in leases and cellular infrastructure development. We provide our clients capital management, permitting, zoning support and options to private and public-sector owners of cellular infrastructure leases. Our clients include international airports, large medical facilities, higher education, and governmental agencies of all sizes. Simply put, we stop people from doing things to you, and we do things for you. CSC helps to ensure that our clients receive proper compensation and understand all options in any telecommunications contracts.

We help Connected Cities to build awareness for the need for wireless infrastructure. Helping write zoning code that satisfied the needs of the community with as little visual impact as possible. We invest alone side of our municipality partners to grow and manage the wireless growth in their community. Most importantly we help to address the digital divide any work with carriers to have equal access to high-speed wireless access through the city to ensure digital equality.

Colleges & Hospitals have seen some of the largest data growth in the nation. We can build a network that helps with all the future growth of campuses. Data will be the cornerstone of any learning environment moving forward. Access to high-quality wireless services are not longer a “nice to have” but rather a “need to have”.