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Landowner Representative

Members of Our Cell Site Capital Team

CSC acts as a representative for landowners working on your behalf when selling their monthly wireless lease revenue for a larger one-time sum. We leverage the most important aspects of a wireless lease evaluation, such as financial understanding, carrier networks, location expertise, and local market knowledge, to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients. 


Cell Site Capital’s team of experienced land use attorneys and real estate professionals are experts in telecom leasing and wireless law. CSC provide solutions for all aspects of wireless leasing, from drafting leases and negotiating terms to managing the entire transaction process. Having reviewed and completed over $1.1B in transactions, CSC has a very deep knowledge and understanding of what is needed to maximize this unique opportunity. Based on the type of asset you have; CSC works with large public investors as well as private group to present many options when selling you wireless lease revenue.


Cell Site Capital also offers exclusive access to a network of qualified wireless carriers and tenants to ensure the highest possible lease rates and terms. We leverage their extensive knowledge of the local market and wireless industry to create a tailored marketing strategy for each landowner’s unique needs. By utilizing the most up-to-date market information and industry trends, Cell Site Capital is able to provide landowners with the most profitable outcome for their wireless lease revenue stream.

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