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Creating Wireless Revenue

KIC Airport Rooftop.jpg

The wireless carriers pay rent for the land, rooftop or building space used to erect cell towers, antennas, DAS systems and other wireless infrastructure. This involves identifying suitable locations on your property or building, conducting market research to determine the potential value of your land or building, and engaging with either wireless carriers or cell tower companies to negotiate the terms of a lease agreement. 


The lease should be designed to protect your property rights, ensure compliance with zoning regulations, and maximize your revenue potential. Properly negotiated wireless lease agreements can provide property owners with a steady stream of revenue for 30 to 50 years, generating an average of $750,000 over the life of the lease. The key to success is working with a reputable wireless infrastructure consultant with lease negotiation, management and maintaining wireless infrastructure and other real estate assets.


With the correct approach and effective negotiations, cellular real estate revenue can provide a significant return on investment for property owners and help ensure the long-term financial success of their real estate assets.

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