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If you have a cell tower or cellular equipment on your property or your building, you understand the value of these assets. It helps to service your community while generating revenue for your family or company. CSC works on your behalf to create long-term value on these assets.

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Asset Valuation

Everything begins with understanding the value of cell tower revenue. CSC excels at modeling your site and analyzing how it fits the existing network, equipment utilization, local zoning and permitting laws. We use this analysis to generate a liquidation value specific to your site and the revenue being produced.

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Real Understanding

CSC works to help each of our clients understand all of their options for the wireless lease income. The current income may be the least important data point that should be reviewed. Landowners need to have a complete understanding of the different ways to approach the individual transaction and all of the long-term considerations.

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The Process

  • Review current lease documents

  • Compare lease revenue to current local market leases

  • Using specific data points, CSC generates a valuation report

  • Landowners can then decide what is the best option:

    • Liquidate the asset

    • Renegotiate terms with tower company or wireless carrier

    • Hold and retain the asset

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How is CSC Different?

FACT: 45% of our landowners decide to retain or renegotiate the lease.There are some companies that will only try to help you liquidate an asset. These companies have a vested interest in getting you to sell your asset. In almost half the cases, we recommend a solution other than liquidating the asset. CSC acts as a landowner representative on all matters including retaining the asset, liquidating or renegotiating more favorable terms for better long term value. We help you make the best decision for your unique situation.

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