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For the landowner, a cell tower lease sale is a one-time event and could have an impact on their property longer-term. Cell tower leases are important business arrangements that can have a significant financial impact on both parties. Landowners seeking to sell their cell tower lease want to ensure that they receive fair market value and are not being taken advantage of due to the lack of industry expertise.

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Selling an existing cell tower lease is a one-time event and can have legacy implications for
the land

A cell tower lease buyout involves more than the purchase price. Most transactions are completed with little emphasis and care in reviewing long-term conditions that often create long-term landowners’ obligations. Expert representation can be essential in ensuring that the lease terms are fair and equitable and that the private landowner receives the maximum value for their cell tower leases while protecting the landowners’ long-term interests.  Comprehensive cell tower lease representation should be approached with individuals who have strong industry background, lease negotiation knowledge and a strong understanding of the current market conditions so that there are no long-term implications for taking a one-time lease buyout offer.

Whether you have been approached to build a cell tower on your property or you have been called to execute a cell tower lease extension, the best time to appropriately negotiate or evaluate market value for a cell tower lease is before the lease is executed. Cell towers are real estate and are priced with other cell tower leases in their market. Local knowledge and access to databases will help provide the comps needed to value your cell tower lease pricing similar to when you are selling or buying a home. Using these datapoints will allow us to properly value a cell tower lease on your property.

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