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Real Estate Developer

As a real estate developer, the broadband and wireless infrastructure should be planned the same as roadways and power systems, it shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Housing Development

Over 70% of the U.S. population no longer has home phones, and those that do, rarely use them.

Real estate developers often solely focus on fiber and wireless communications when building a new development because these technologies provide enhanced connectivity and faster speeds than traditional copper-based solutions.  Fiber provides a much higher bandwidth than copper, allowing for a more reliable connection for data-intensive applications such as streaming services and cloud computing.

Without proper access to high-speed communications new home buyers and renters are going to look elsewhere to locate. Wireless communications provide mobility and convenience,
allowing for Wi-Fi access in the home and on the go. By offering the latest in high-speed internet access, developers can attract new tenants and increase the value of the property. In addition, fiber and wireless communications are cost-effective solutions that can help reduce operating expenses in the long-term.

Homebuyers and renters value access to strong cellular and broadband connectivity more
than they value schools or commute times.

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