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Waiting for Flight


Facilitating a seamless passenger journey starts before they leave their vehicle or ridesharing
service that brought them to the airport. Whether it is locating a parking spot identified by a
red or green light in the parking garage or instructing their rideshare driver on where the
closest TSA pre-check location is, airport technology utilization starts before a passenger ever
enters a terminal.


80% of passengers use airline apps for ticketing

Some of the passenger sticking points along their journey are being addressed with wireless technology including paperless ticketing, pre-paid baggage and third-party vendors like Clear being sought out to alleviate wait time at security checkpoints. Biometrics at airports is quickly becoming a reality as the TSA and other government agency partners are collaborating to further secure and enhance the travel experience with biometrics while protecting the privacy of all travelers.

In order to be able to support these quickly evolving initiatives, it is imperative that airport networks evolve in a manner that allows for seamless implementation of these new technologies. 5G, mmWave and C-Band are going to be the predominant technologies needed to ensure that the traveling public can utilize these evolving technologies.

Excited Traveler

73% of passengers are willing to share their biometric data to improve airport processes compared to 46% in 2019

As the passenger experience becomes more seamless, everything from paying for your coffee or concession purchased to downloading a last-minute book can all be done with your phone rather than a credit card but only if you have access to a wireless network that supports these types of applications. The next evolution at airports will be the development of airport owned private networks that will provide a dedicated network to support airport services.

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