Wireless Carrier Updates & changes to Cell Site leases

Posted August 25, 2014 by admin

Verizon Wireless has spend 28% more in 2014 v. 2013 in the first quarter. This has helped them remain the leader in LTE coverage. Currently they cover over 300M potential customers.

AT&T Wireless covering an estimated 280M potential customers, also spend aggressively. At an estimated $21B for the year and $5.8B for Q1. AT&T Wireless is busy integrating the Leap Wireless customers into the network.

Sprint also has been trying to upgrade both it’s network and CEO, has been trying to fix the lack of LTE coverage. Currently they cover 250M potential customers. Sprints downfall always has been their lack of LTE coverage. I expect their new focus to be network build-out and growing their customer base now that they have lowered pricing plans.

T-Mobile with about 210M potential customers is still trying to integrate the MetroPCS wireless cell sites into the network. This is a combination if  decommissioning some cell sites along with upgrading others. Now that Sprint has pulled out of any merger it should be fun to watch their next moves.

Many clients of Cell Site Capital’s have be notified of changes or amendments to their cell sites and cell site leases. They have been asked to sign amendments or modifications to the existing cell site leases. Some of this has been for the positive and some of the negative. Let’s us help you to navigate the complexity of cell site tower leases. At Cell Site Capital, not only are we consultants but also cell site lease holders. We see the business from all angles and help clients make the best long term decisions to maximize their value.


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