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Why It Matters

At Cell Site Capital, we do not just represent our clients; we act as both promotors and ambassadors for them. Why? We do this because it matters to us to do it the right way, each and every time. Regardless of age, social or economic background, having access to high-speed data is the “great equalizer”.  Broadband access is critical to individuals and families to allow them to work from home, stream entertainment and to participate in a virtual learning environment by accessing real-time video classes. For local governments, it can help keep the community safe by providing enhanced E-911 and other “smart city” applications.  Local governments also have the opportunity to offer wi-fi or municipality led broadband to improve the quality of life of everyone in the area. The digital divide is deepening in our rural communities, and without taking steps to expand broadband communications now, this will only worsen.  High-speed connectivity matters, and without it, communities are limiting their ability to grow.


As both a developer and landowner representative, we understand why broadband development needs to be done right.  Doing it right means that the development improves the community, by looking and feeling like it’s part of the community and creates value by being universally accessible and priced appropriately. 


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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