cell tower lease buyouts

Individual Landowners & Business Owners

The majority of the cell site leases in the United States are on individual or small business owner’s property. Many use the proceeds from the transaction with Cell Site Capital for very specific purposes. Whether it’s funding a retirement account, college fund or paying off a mortgage it will give you greater piece of mind knowing that you have fulfilled that obligation.

Business Owners commonly use the proceeds of a cell site lease buyout to fund their business. A transaction with Cell Site Capital allows business owners to grow or eliminate debt. Due to wireless leases being cancellable, a business owner can’t borrow against the lease at their local bank. A large lump sum can help you eliminate the need to raise additional capital to fund normal business expenses.

Religious Organizations & Non-profit Organizations

Although they are harder to spot, many wireless sites are located inside church steeples or on the property of non-profit organizations. Organizations put this additional income from your cell tower lease buyout to work via outreach programs or funding their mission within their own community. Budgets for these types of organization’s are usually funded from contributions and donations. These can be difficult to manage due to the fluctuations of the economy and people’s giving. Having a well funded reserve account helps to manage day to day operations and reduces the burden should tithes and offerings drop. Leveraging your cell site ground lease can provide the capital needed to meet the budgetary shortfall, support ongoing programs and make needed improvements to your facilities.

Municipalities & Other Government Entities

Municipalities are becoming more aware of the changes and growth with wireless cell site locations. When government entities choose to convert their cell site leases into a large lump sum they can use the proceeds for an immediate need including budget shortfalls. Due to wireless lease income typically being less than 1% of a municipalities income, changes to the wireless revenue stream are insignificant. This makes the process to complete a transaction with Cell Site Capital easier than a larger transaction that would directly impact the operating budget. Cell Site Capital’s management team has funded municipality transactions that have covered purchases of fire trucks, police cars and ambulances. The added benefit is that no additional taxes are levied against the taxpayers.

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