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Meet The Team

Christopher Bland Color.jpg

Christopher Bland

Managing Partner and Founder

Judith Chin Color.jpg

Judith Chin

Chief Operating Officer

Dana Romero Color.jpg

Dana Romero

Senior Vice President Technology


Marisa Holland

Client Engagement

The Cell Site Capital Story

Our story began in July of 2013.  As industry veterans, we understood that all of the relevant knowledge resided on the wireless carrier and tower company side of the negotiating table. CSC set out to change this dynamic and began representing landowners to ensure they receive proper valuations for new wireless facility leases.


Today, we have had the privilege of representing some of the largest U.S. international airports, children’s hospitals, national real estate developers, multiple state and local governments as well as countless individual landowners.


Our focus is on building wireless and broadband solutions that fit within the communities. CSC provides solutions for small cells, DAS, macro tower and rooftop buildouts as well as manages and markets locations. We create liquidity and capital for landowners for their wireless leases or tower assets.

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