Sprint offering an 800GB plan to business customers

Posted October 10, 2014 by admin

If you need more proof that coax cable is so 10 years ago, Sprint has just rolled out new plans that start at 240GB data all the way up to 800GB. As market penetration of wireless devices grows, the only way to attract more customers is with faster and more data.



Recently you have seen AT&T Wireless offer 10GB for $100 or spent an additional $30 a month and it will get you 3x that amount to 30GB. In return Verizon was forced to offer a similar plan offering 15GB for $110 or $20 more you can double the data allowance to 30GB.

Here is what is changing with the new smart phones. They consume data faster and at larger amounts than ever before. If you have 4 or more wireless “smart” devices including iPad’s or tablets, you will end up needed a larger data plan than you currently have.

So how does this relate to cell towers and cell leases? More data means more cell site locations. This includes the reason why you should never sign an amendment on a current cell lease unless you understand how it will affect your site.

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