How will Small Cell deployment fit with the current cell site locations?

Posted November 13, 2014 by admin

At Cell Site Capital we have been receiving more calls about small cells and how they may affect the current cell towers. The larger cell tower locations will still pay a huge part of cell tower infrastructure but small cell deployment is moving quickly. Equipment spending on small cell and Wi-Fi deployments will increase by as much as 40% year over year. Being able to move data from wireless to fiber matters as well. Almost all of the cell locations that Cell Site Capital owns have fiber lines ran to the cell sites already.

Cell tower lease owners and cell site land owners are getting pressure from tower companies to sign amendments or take a rent reduction due to the threat of these small cell sites. We still feel the current cell sites are the “core” of the wireless networks and the small cells are more to help with capacity. Over the next 5 years you see the ideal wireless network have some type of wireless connection every ¼ of a mile in urban areas. This is where small cells will have their greatest value. Although small cells may the next big thing in wireless networks we feel current cell sites and cell towers are here for a longtime.

As always, if you have any questions about your current or new cell site lease give the experts at Cell Site Capital a call.

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