How to negotiate a cell site lease or a cell tower lease buyouts.

Posted October 13, 2014 by admin

One of the most visited pages on the Cell Site Capital website is about lease buyouts. Whether it’s an American Tower, Crown Castle or SBA Communications tower, you have been approached by someone to sell your cell tower lease at some point. At Cell Site Capital we give our best information away for free!

If you would like to protect yourselves from making a bad decision you need to check out our Tip to a cell tower lease buyout.

What makes Cell Site Capital different is we purchase, consult for both buyers and sellers and managed sites a crossed the U.S. We see all sides of the cell tower lease business everyday. We almost excessively work with CPA’s, real estate professionals and attorney’s on a referral basis. This is why you are not receiving consistent mailers and phone calls from a call center. We work directly with site acquisition professionals and tower companies to deliver value on your cell site lease.

As always, we offer a free evaluation and appraisal for you site. Whether it is a cell tower lease buyout or a new cell site lease, the more you know the better you are to make a decision. Last month along we created over a $1M in additional lease value for our clients. Let Cell Site Capital show you how to maximize cell tower lease value.



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