water-tankMunicipalities are becoming more aware of the changes and growth with wireless cell site locations. We help Municipalities make informed choices regarding cell site leases or buy-outs.

When government entities choose to convert their cell site leases into a large lump sum they can use the proceeds for a immediate need including budget shortfalls. Due to wireless lease income typically being less than 1% of a municipalities income, changes to the wireless revenue stream are insignificant. This makes the process to complete a transaction with Cell Site Capital easier than a larger transaction that would directly impact the operating budget. Cell Site Capital’s management team have funded municipality transactions that have covered purchases of fire trucks, police cars and ambulances. The added benefit is that no additional taxes are levied against your constituents.

Many times the current cell site leases where negotiated by prior administrations. Usually they did not understand the long-term effect and value of each wireless lease. We help with evaluating and give you a better understanding of current options based on today’s market. This will allow you to make decisions that are informed and what is in the best interest of those that are most effected.


Benefits of understanding the “Connected City”:

  1. Creating access for all citizens regardless of the neighborhood and economical demographics and ensuring digital equality for everyone.
  2. What the Future Network looks like and building a plan to control the wireless data growth in the city.
  3. Government official to execute a plan to improve the quality of life for it’s residents with autonomous vehicles, traffic control, reliable emergency services and telemedicine.


Investment Impact


Every $1 invested in wireless deployment equals up to $10 in added Gross Domestic Product.


Source: Larry Summers, “Technological Opportunities, Job Creation, and Economic Growth,” Remarks at the New America Foundation.



Feel free to request more information or give us a call today and let us help you with your municipalities wireless lease options.