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Telemedicine, streaming capabilities, medical record access, continuity of coverage and capacity are all challenges in today's world that both health care providers and hospitals face. High-speed communications and Internet access enable medical personnel to access information allowing them to make decisions faster and provide improved patient care. This, combined with real-time patient vitals, will give medical personnel unprecedented ability to determine patient needs in real time taking into account all of todays challenges whether the patient is at home or through the remote monitoring of medical devices.

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The Project

A nationally ranked Columbus Ohio Children's Hospital needed to remove two existing cell towers and construct a larger hospital owned tower allowing for the expansion of the overall campus. Once this was accomplished they needed to relocate and update their existing DAS system to service the $880M expansion of the existing campus.

The Challenge

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  • Decommission existing tower, zone and construct new tower and transfer tenants from existing tower to new tower, with all carriers on-air within a nine (9) month time frame

  • Remove two tower company-owned towers and replace with one hospital owned installation

  • Locate a five-tenant tower in an extremely limited footprint while ensuring continuity of coverage for all facilities

  • Manage construction process with the City of Columbus, four carriers, fiber and infrastructure providers while maintaining hospital board requirements for campus aesthetics

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The Result

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  • Successfully removed cell tower allowing for new power plant to be constructed

  • Decommissioned and removed second tower allowing for new hospital expansion to remain on schedule

  • Coordinated new DAS head end location and carrier agreements to ensure that coverage for new portion of campus met timelines

  • Hospital recognizes over $90K annually in revenue that previously did not exist


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"After the successful transfer of all wireless tenants, Cell Site Capital continues to manage the wireless facility for the hospital and has successfully attracted new carriers and broadband providers."

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