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In today's connected world, broadband and wireless communications are a necessity. Municipalities, non-traditional private providers and cooperatives, in some unserved and under-served areas, are exploring alternative ways to sponsor and fund broadband projects. In an area that is often uncharted territory to governmental entities, we help chart a path for success.

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The Project

Assist the Delaware County, Ohio officials with zoning and permitting matters, including redrafting current regulations, with the goal to maximize “dig-once” and "neutral hosting solutions" to serve multiple carriers from any one macro or micro tower, for the community benefits of both public safety and aesthetic concerns as well as facilitating private sector deployment of 5G technology. This was inclusive of managing, marketing and constructing new assets.

The Challenge

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  • Multiple communities within the county with different priorities, lack of existing infrastructure and divergent zoning codes

  • Socio-economic differences exist throughout the county

  • Encourage and partner with carriers to expand rural broadband coverage in under-served communities

  • Conquer a digital divide by mapping download and upload speed throughout the county

  • Develop additional communication sites on county locations

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The Result

  • Leased and built two new locations on county-owned properties

  • Developed a marketing strategy with all county properties mapped

  • Increased county telecommunications revenue by 530% annually

  • Continue to provide consulting services for Delaware County

  • Compelled carriers to meet and exceed all contractual obligations

Future Development

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The future of broadband development has been streamlined for any third party seeking to deploy their services within the county, allowing for additional choices for the residents and businesses within the county.

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