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Access to high-speed broadband is critical in today's learning environment. Cell Site Capital works with learning institutions at all levels creating high speed connectivity for their campuses. CSC develops custom digital plans that include coverage and future capacity, together with revenue opportunities.

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The Project

A Columbus, Ohio area High School needed to relocate an existing cell tower to make room for the the new high school. Further complicating the issue was the fact that the cell tower also served as a light stanchion for the football stadium.

The Challenge

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  • Terminate the existing tower agreements

  • Determine a new tower location

  • Obtain variances, conditional use and zoning approvals for the new tower

  • Locate three temporary towers ensuring the community had continuous cellular coverage

  • Negotiate new tower lease for the school district

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The Result

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  • Cell Site Capital successfully relocated the tower at no cost to the client

  • The community and school maintained continuous cellular coverage throughout the transition

  • Provided construction management for the new tower

  • Negotiated a new tower lease with a substantial signing bonus to the client due upon execution of the contract

  • New tower lease included co-location revenue for the client with each new tenant


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"Getting the previous tower out of the way of the new high school was important to keeping the construction on schedule. Navigating the zoning while keeping wireless connectivity was complicated but executed perfectly. The new cell site looks and fits much better with the environment than the old tower."

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