**Some of this equipment is not “small cell” but rather a full blow wireless antenna deployment.** Cell Site Capital represents clients from many different industries. Many of our clients are large landowners like Universities, Hospitals, Airports and municipalities around the country. This particular client has over 25 square miles of land. While doing an inventory of the wireless assets on the property, we found this utility cell site that was installed without any permits being filed nor any revenue being paid to our client. That is bad enough, but the aesthetics of this site is horrific and poorly executed. Don’t get me wrong, Cell Site Capital is “pro wireless development” and all of the great things it does for the communities we work and live in but this site is what local governments fear. 5G is currently being tested in some markets and will need massive additional infrastructure to support all of the data that will be used so small cells have to happen, period. Communities need to offer up sites for development but pay attention to the aesthetics so sites like this do not happen. We spend the most amount of time with clients on aesthetics and the integration of these sites within their footprint. Revenue for the client is a great upside but it’s only worth it if the sites fits well within the environment around it.

What a poorly deployed wireless utility cell looks like.

Close up of a poorly deployed wireless utility pole cell site.