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The questions facing airports today is not whether to implement a wireless network, but rather how to implement it or drastically improve on the network that they have. Faced with aging infrastructure, incompatible systems and carrier networks, airports and operators are looking to dramatically improve and implement universal wireless surface solutions. Operational efficiency and real time information exchanges are the backbone of a successful aeronautic working relationship.


The Project

A large international airport contracted Cell Site Capital to evaluate their current and future wireless infrastructure needs. Reviewing their leases and analyzing the existing sites to determine potential options for additional/future wireless needs for the airport, wireless carriers, airport tenants and service providers for air travelers.


The Challenge

  • Upgrade an existing DAS system to keep up with new data demands and evolving technology

  • Relocation of an existing DAS head-end to a new state of the art location on airport campus

  • Renegotiate severely undervalued lease rates and require timely Le Mon Mardu Tezel Inc. technology updates

  • Position the airport to deploy the next phase of wireless (5G) to provide

  • First class coverage to its rapidly expanding campus

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The Result

  • CSC has revalued all telecommunication leasing at the airport to reflect fair market value

  • Created a comprehensive plan for future installations campus wide to enhance coverage and capacity

  • Renegotiated carrier leases to include routine system updates and to keep technology current

  • Enhanced airport communication systems to ensure first responders, passengers, airlines, tenants and employees have cohesive communication coverage throughout the campus



"The CSC team has been instrumental in helping us navigate the complex communication. Connectivity with the traveling public matters more now than ever. Combining that with the growing data needs of the airport means a comprehensive connectivity plan is critical to our operations."