As cell phone usage goes up so has cell tower values

Posted September 22, 2014 by admin

We are in a data driven world. At Cell Site Capital we get asked to appraise cell site locations on a regular basis. Most cell site lease holders are trying to understand why they receive call, after call, after call, each week about their cell tower. Values have been peaking the last quarter for cell sites. As the world becomes more mobile, the values of cell towers have increase. Here are some facts:


-Data traffic on wireless networks exceeded 1.1 Trillion megabytes. That is 105% increase year over year.

-There are over 78.2 million active smart phones, 57% increase over last year.

-$68.3 BILLION, yes $68.3 BILLION in wireless data revenue for the carriers.

Cell Tower Values 1

Most people do not think of text messages as data but they are.


  • 2.27 TRILLION text messages sent
  • 56.7 BILLION MMS messages, think pictures and videos here.


Considering 80% of voice calls and 90% of data usage is indoors, the current cell sites need to have denser signal strength to penetrate walls and buildings. This means more additions and stronger antenna’s on your cell site.

For all you questions about cell site values and cell site appraisals give Cell Site Capital a call today for your free evaluation of your cell tower lease or cell site location.



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